About Us

From trading in textiles since 1989 to contributing to the growth of the garment export industry in India, RA International has thrived through a journey of reinvention and growth spanning three decades. Providing complete sustainable garment manufacturing solutions, we are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands. We are committed to setting benchmarks in international business through sustainable practices. Headquartered in Kolkata, RA has state-of-the-art design studios in Kolkata and Dhaka. Our flexibility in responding to evolving customer needs has helped us ensure a consistently high output month-on-month, with exports to the tune of 9 million pieces.


  • Formalwear
  • Casualwear
  • Knitwear
  • Uniforms
  • Accessories



  • Fashion forecasting
  • Range planning
  • Collection creation
  • Look book
  • Global sourcing



  • Sourcing directly from organic farms
  • Recycled fibre
  • Alternative natural fibre
  • Sustainable washing
  • Wellness finishes



  • Adhering to highest global ethical and social standards
  • Accord
  • Alliance
  • BSCI



  • Factory in Bangladesh and Myanmar
  • Wovens & Knits
  • Washing
  • Printing
  • Embroidery



Much of the credit goes to our stellar design team, which has rich experience in apparel industry. Every 4-6 weeks, they meticulously create capsule collection of fabrics and garments based on fashion forecasts, visits to fashion fairs and extensive research. Around 40 percent of our turnover is designed in-house.


If fashion is a reflection of individual choices, sustainable fashion is reflection of well informed choices. Today, being in style is also about being in harmony with the health of the planet. Sustainable fashion takes into account the entire value chain and lifestyle of garment, from where and how it is made to when it ends up in our landfills. It is important for the consumers to think about how their purchase affects the environment. The lifecycle of the garment and how to invest in clothes that lasts longer. It is an approach towards sourcing manufacturing and designing clothes which maximizes the benefits to the fashion industry and society at a large, while at the same time minimizing it's impact on the environment.

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Connecting the threads

Rukmani Amar Aangan is a caring, considerate and comforting assisted living for the lonely elders of our society. The concept of the Rukmani Amar Aangan is quite familiar today. Often, when working professionals have to relocate, their parent choose not to move with them. They prefer to live in their own city/country and see their children when they visit. This dignity of choice and preference is the basis of the respect we accord to our seniors at Rukmani Amar Aangan. Rukmani Amar Aangan has been set up with the aim of providing home comforts to seniors seeking peace and calm. It is to be run as a non-profit institution by the family trust formed to help give back to the society.

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